Hello, I am Mohamed A. Baset
An Information Security Enthusiasm

Mohamed Abdelbaset Elnoby is an Information Security Enthusiasm with 17 years of experience in Information Security field specifically Web Applications and Malwares. Working as a Mobile and Web Application Penetration Tester remotely and onsite helping a lot of major companies to protect their business and web applications, Interested in Automation and working on developing automated security systems and solutions, Helped building InfoSec solutions to be used during Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Passionate about Physical Security Assessment and Experienced in Information Security of different fields like IoT, Mobile, Constructions, Healthcare, Energy, Transportation, Education and Industrial Security. Used to be a Guru Web/Desktop/Mobile Programmer which helped him in a way to understand the infrastructure of different types of applications and OWASPer. An Active Bug Bounty Programs Participator and Web Application Vulnerabilities Hunter, Discovered lots of vulnerabilities differs in severity in lots of big companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Mozilla, Adobe, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Nokia, AT&T, T-Mobile, SoundCloud, Foursquare, Wordpress, Sony, Kaspersky, Symantec, F-Secure, Avira, Avast, AVG, Bit-Defender, GData, McAfee, TrendMicro, CNET, Ask.com, BBC, CNN, Freelancer, Mediafire, 4Shared, Box.com, BufferApp, Hootsuite, Eventbrite, Rapid7, Appcelerator, OpenText, Airbnb, Pocket App, iFixit and Bitcasa, Mailchimp, Sellfy and many more including a non-disclosed companies.

Personal Info

  • NameMohamed Abdelbasset Elnouby
  • Date of birthOctober 16, 1988
  • E-mailSymbi@nSyMoh.com
  • Websitehttps://www.Seekurity.com


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  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotels
    2006 - 2009

    Major of Tourism Studies and Airlines Reservation Systems.

  • Technology Entrepreneurship - Stanford Online
    2013 - 2014

    A course that introduces the fundamentals of technology entrepreneurship, pioneered in Silicon Valley and now spreading across the world. You will learn the process technology entrepreneurs use to start companies. It involves taking a technology idea and finding a high-potential commercial opportunity, gathering resources such as talent and capital, figuring out how to sell and market the idea, and managing rapid growth. To gain practical experience alongside the theory, students form teams and work on startup projects in those teams.


  • Intelligence and Information Gathering 98%

  • Foot-printing 95%

  • Penetration Testing (Web and Mobile) 97%

  • Penetration Testing (Network and Infrastructure) 85%

  • Vulnerability Assessments 95%

  • Security Auditing 90%

  • Reporting and Documentation 75%

  • CyberSecurity (News and Recent attacks) 85%

  • HTML/CSS 90%

  • Networking 75%

  • JavaScript 95%

  • PHP (Coding my custom scripts)75%

  • Python (Coding my custom scripts)55%

  • DBMS (MSSQL - MySQL - PostgreSQL - NoSQL etc..)70%

  • MS Windows95%

  • MAC OS65%

  • Linux60%


  • Penetration Testing
  • Coding
  • Bug hunting

Work Experience

  • Seekurity.com - Founder and Security Advisor
    2013 - Present

    Seekurity Inc. "Your seek for Security" Is an information security consultation firm specialised in Security Researches, Web Application Vulnerabilities Assessments, Penetration Testing and Cyber Security. We're offering you a Black, Gray or White box Web and Mobile Applications Security Consultation, Penetration Testing, Source Code Auditing, Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation including a full detailed reports about the discovered vulnerabilities and hints about solving it.

  • Linio.com - Senior Information Security Analyst & Chief Product Security
    2015 - Present

    Since April 2012 Linio Mexico has opted for e-commerce Business to Costumer, and offering a variety of items of technology, home, fashion accessories has become the perfect channel to reach safely the products ordered by their customers. Linio Mexico offers an unparalleled shopping experience with excellent customer service to generate a strong bond of trust for each of its users. This situation has been replicated in each of the Latin American countries in which it operates. Colombia, Peru and Venezuela The group of entrepreneurs Linio part of Mexico it is sure that success is achieved through hard work and constant, therefore day day we strive to give our customers the best online shopping experience.

  • Cobalt.io - Core Security Researcher
    2015 - Present

    Crowdcurity aka Cobalt.io is a marketplace where businesses can crowdsource security by connecting with over 2000 talented security researchers. In just a few clicks, any business can engage directly with security researchers through bug bounty programs and security audits to strengthen their application security. Pay-per-bug, not per hour.

  • Defensely.com - Senior Information Security Researcher
    Mar 2015 - Oct 2015

    Defencely Cloud Security Pvt. Limited is the first Indian flagship company to serve cloud based on-demand security solutions to webmasters, web app owners, network admins, online companies and internet businesses.

  • S3Geeks.com - Chief Technology and Security Officer (Volunteer work)
    2011 - Present

    As Entrepreneurship communities and activities started to spread in Egypt , we waited ,so long,for some one to shed some light upon upper Egypt,but in vain.so we decided to start the first of its kind event in upper Egypt interested in organizing and expanding upper Egypt youth`s activities to build up Entrepreneurship community gathering programmers,designers,developers and all the creative young people dreaming of a better upper Egypt,and hence "S3eedy Geeks" came to life.

Contact Me

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Contact info

  • Symbi@nSyMoh.com